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table with French tableware sets We stock an extensive range of French style tableware, primarily from Festin Coquin based near Avignon in Provence. This husband and wife team create fabulous designs of colourful pottery in original designs. Festin Coquin is becoming increasingly popular – because there are new designs every year, people are always returning to add to their collections. Our range of French tableware includes dinner plates and side plates, soup bowls, pasta bowls and serving bowls as well as a wide range of small pottery dishes in different shapes that are ideal for nibbles and dips. We also stock a selection of pottery jugs, cruet sets and oil pourers that will add a colourful touch to the dinner table. Festin Coquin pottery is painstakingly hand painted, with many pieces taking over an hour and a half to complete. We recommend that you mix and match the patterns for maximum impact rather than simply buying one design. Choose a primary colour, and then select a number of patterns featuring that colour. All Festin Coquin pottery is dishwasher and microwave proof.

We also stock a range of hand painted pottery from Souleo, a small company based in Aix en Provence. We have tableware in plain colours, but in an attractive and unusual octagonal shape, as well as a number of patterned items created very much in the provencal style. Again, Souleo pottery is microwave and dishwasher proof.

As well as French tableware, we also have a wide selection of Festin Coquin pottery mugs and French cookware that coordinate with the collection of plates bowls and dishes.

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